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Guidelines, Standards & By-laws

Canadian Medical Information Guidelines:

  • High quality, balanced, and up-to-date information about medicines is essential for their safe and effective use in treating patients. Pharmaceutical companies’ Medical Information departments are a leading source for such information and should be viewed as one of the most reliable sources for medical information on their products. The Medical information department is a customer-facing team that helps improve the safe and effective use of a company’s products by providing accurate, fair-balanced, and timely information to healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Appreciating the need for high standards in the provision of medical information in Canada, a working group within the PVN-MI Network – Canada has developed guidelines, with the intent that pharmaceutical companies across Canada adhere to the spirit of these guidelines as they pertain to the role of medical information.


2022 Canadian Medical Information Benchmarking Survey

Survey Objectives:

•Find out how often Canadian HCPs and patients/consumers contact pharmaceutical companies in Canada for medical information

•Assess the variety of channels available in Canada for inquiries from HCPs and patients/consumers

•Determine how frequently HCPs access medical information websites in Canada

•Measure how often HCPs and patients/consumers in Canada use the channels available to them

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